Matching people to jobs in Maine
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Matching People to Jobs in Maine Since 1945
A Full Service Employment Agency 
Temporary Employment Associates, Maine 
Welcome to PAGEmployment! 
Whether you are someone looking for jobs in Maine or are a company owner or hiring manager looking to provide an employment opportunity within the State of Maine, PAGEmployment can help you. 
A full service employment agency, PAGEmployment provides permanent and temporary employment placement, pre-employment screening, and payroll services to client companies in the State of Maine 
Job seekers can count on PAGEmployment to look out for their best interests by finding them safe work environments where they can apply their current employment skills and have the opportunity to learn new ones.  
Our fees are paid by the hiring companies. Job applicants pay no fees. Ever. 
Hiring companies use PAGEmployment to find permanent additions or replacements for their work force who already possess the skills needed for the particular job and thus save the company precious time and money by avoiding extensive on the job training. By using PAGEmployment, companies save on the costs of advertising and on the process of screening out applicants that are not even close to being a match for the available position. 
Temporary employees may be the best choice in situations where a company finds itself unsure if the future will be bright enough to warrant bringing someone on board permanently or to help overcome a temporary backlog caused by unanticipated product demand or the absence of a permanent employee. Temporary employment is quite often a bridge to a permanent position with the client company. 
The office of PAGEmployment is at 185 North Main Street, Brewer, Maine and is open Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Job applicants need no appointment, but should allow sufficient time to complete the application, pre-employment screening tests and an interview with a placement counselor. 
Make PAGEmployment YOUR choice of an employment agency for jobs in Maine. 
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Matching People to Jobs in Maine Since 1945
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